CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue of Smart Sensors for Smart Robots

Call for Papers: Int. Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems (ARS) Special Issue “Smart Sensors for Smart Robots”.

Editor: Hanafiah Yussof

Publication indexed in: ISI, EI, IET Inspec, Scopus, Elsevier SciVerse, Engineering Village, and all major scientific databases.

Impact Factor: ISI Thompson Impact Factor 0.326.

Publisher: INTECH Vienna.


Sensors are a very critical part of any types of robots working on land, space and underwater. No matter if the robot is autonomous or teleoperated, sensors are the robot’s contact with the outside world or its own inner parameters. Modern living environment nowadays have naturally set a big challenge for sensor technology to furnish robot with intelligence and reliability. The great achievements of parts fabrication technique and computer technology have greatly supports sensor technology in producing sensor devices that smarter, more sophisticated, high accuracy and robust, fast in data acquisition and processing, cost effective, and smaller in size. Some example advanced sensors like IR sensors, sound and voice sensors, ultrasonic range sensors, positional encoders, speed sensors, etc. have already play an important role in modern robotics.

A great number of researches have been conducted in the field of sensors for application in robotics. This includes various types of sensing principles such as optical waveguide, vision, magnetic, electrical, biological, acoustic, thermal, wireless and network. Related works also reported performance of sensors in real robots such as sensing fusion, sensing-based manipulation and navigation, face/object detection and recognition, human sensing, teleoperation, etc. Application of smart sensors in smart robot includes the area of rescue robot, service robot, industrial robot, haptic interaction, human-robot interaction, space exploration robot and underwater robot, and many more.

The focus of this of this special issue is on advanced technologies and application of smart sensors for smart robots; topics include, but not limited to:

  • Smart sensor system in robotics
  • Smart sensor theories and applications
  • Sensing-based robot localization and navigation
  • Sensing-based robot manipulation
  • Face/object recognition algorithm
  • Novel sensing principles
  • Micro/nano sensors
  • Sensing Fusion
  • Biological inspired sensors
  • Human sensing
  • Sensory based robot control
  • Sensor integration in robotics
  • Smart materials for sensors
  • Distributed computing sensors
  • Sensor Network
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Robot sensor algorithm
  • Sensor and actuator system
  • Haptic interaction and teleoperation
  • Intelligent vision sensors
  • Force and tactile sensors
  • Range sensors
  • Sensor for service and industrial robot applications
  • Sensor for underwater and space robot applications
  • Sensor for medical robot applications
  • Sensor signal processing and algorithm
  • Robotics Smart Operation
  • Computing, Systems, and Imformation Processing


Dr. Hanafiah Yussof

Editorial Board Members Int. Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems (ARS)

Editor Special Issue “Smart Sensors for Smart Robots”

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