During ICRA2013, I had the honor to visit Aldebaran Robotics in Paris France to finalize business partnership with Aldebaran for marketing Humanoid Robot NAO in Malaysia. I am happy to announce that HuroBs in partnership with our local company is now the official sale agent for Humanoid Robot NAO in Malaysia. With this effort, the price for NAO is standardize so that more users in Malaysia will get the chance to purchase and use NAO. The users also will get better technical support from us where we work closely with Aldebaran Shanghai office that cover the Asia Pacific Region.

To purchase NAO in Malaysia, please contact us at hurobs@gmail.com or call +603-55436455.

Aldebaran Robotics website: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/en/

In front of Aldebaran Paris office (a building covered with solar panels)

2013-05-07 16.10.052013-05-07 15.17.46

Pictures with Mr. Sean LV, the sales Director of Aldebaran Shanghai for Asia Pacific Region

2013-05-07 16.01.432013-05-07 16.01.512013-05-07 16.03.542013-05-07 16.02.55

Going places; Paris

2013-05-08 09.55.022013-05-08 09.15.502013-05-07 20.18.13

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