The date 15th May 2013 is an important date for my research team where 2 of my students having important presentation for their research study. My Master student Luthffi Idzhar Ismail is having his final viva-voce session for his Master course study, while my PhD student Siti Nora Basir is having her PhD proposal defense presentation session. Congratulation to both Luthffi and Nora for passing the presentations. Luthffi has been awarded with Master in Mechanical Engineering while Nora has passed his proposal defense to pursue with her PhD project.

Luthffi’s Master presentation session “Initial Response Analysis of Robot Based Intervention Program (RBIP) for Children with Autism using Humanoid Robot NAO“. Thank you to Dr. Fazah from Faculty of Medicine as the co-supervisor. Special thanks to Dr. Amir (IIUM) and Dr. Low as external and internal evaluator panels, and thank you to Dr. Aidah for chairing the session.

2013-05-15 09.51.53 2013-05-15 09.52.18 2013-05-15 11.16.17

Nora’s PhD proposal defense presentation session “Development of a New Tactile Sensor based on Bio-Inspired Mimosa Pudica  Sensing Mechanism“. Thank you to Prof. Wahyu and Dr. Hayder for the valuable comments.

2013-05-15 15.16.30

Small party at Secret Recipe celebrating both students.

2013-05-17 16.16.29 a 2013-05-17 16.17.39 2013-05-17 16.18.11 2013-05-17 16.21.17 2013-05-17 16.25.52 2013-05-29 09.15.05

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